ZP, Leading Technology Solutions Company for the Deaf, Relocates to…

Austin is one of our nation’s most deaf-friendly cities and a growing technology and business hub…we can think of no better home for our new headquarters.

ZVRS and Purple Communications, divisions of ZP Better Together, LLC (ZP), a leading provider of communication solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing community, announced today the relocation of its corporate headquarters to Austin, TX, from Rocklin, Calif. Effective January 28, 2021, ZP’s headquarters move will expand its workspace presence in dynamic and fast-growing northwest Austin and features an innovative DeafSpace design and architecture that puts the deaf community and the deaf experience front and center.

ZP’s move brings 150 of the communication solutions leader’s 2,800+ nationwide workforce to Austin’s Paloma Ridge campus with the goal of supporting and connecting with the city’s highly populated and growing deaf community. Partnering on the relocation are several Austin-based companies Sixthriver, NOVO Construction, and Lincoln Property Company; Dallas-based Stream Realty Partners and Colorado-based property owner Ascentris. ZP’s new headquarters is located at Paloma Ridge,13620 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78717.

“Austin is one of our nation’s most deaf-friendly cities and a growing technology and business hub,” said Sherri Turpin, ZP Chief Executive Officer. “We can think of no better home for our new headquarters and are very excited to strengthen our presence in Texas. This move will allow ZP to tap into a dynamic workforce, attract more deaf talent, accelerate our technology innovations and support an incredible community of people who share our passion and commitment to language and communication access.”

ZP has a nationwide workforce of sign language interpreters and ZP’s non-interpreter employee base is comprised of 72 percent deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Turpin’s top priority was to secure a new home that crystalized a deaf-friendly design and architectural philosophy known as DeafSpace. The move also puts ZP into a hub of technology talent to create advancements in video communication and build relationships with both the deaf and business communities.

DeafSpace, a registered trademark of Gallaudet University, was first codified in 2005 through a collaborative effort with the ASL and Deaf Studies Department, architect Hansel Bauman, and others at Gallaudet University, the world’s leading liberal arts university for deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind students. DeafSpace Guidelines feature a catalogue of more than 150 distinct DeafSpace architectural design elements that address the five major touch points between deaf experiences and the built environment: space and proximity, sensory reach, mobility and proximity, light and color, and finally acoustics. Common to all of these categories are the ideas of community building, visual language, and the promotion of personal safety and well-being.

“DeafSpace and other human-centric design principles are crucial to designing spaces that are not only intuitive and inclusive for deaf people, but also benefit everyone,” said Roberta J. Cordano, President of Gallaudet University. “DeafSpace principles should be prioritized in construction to make our built environment accessible for all. I applaud ZP’s proactive efforts to incorporate DeafSpace principles in the design of their new headquarters and I look forward to viewing the new space in the future.”

“From the very start, our new home was created specifically for our Deaf employees and community and with the collaboration and support of our deaf executives,” added Turpin. “The foundation of our new headquarters is centered on DeafSpace guidelines, ensuring that we created an environment that considers our deaf employees first and that would affirm the experience and culture of our deaf and hard of hearing workforce.”

To ensure safety for all, ZP plans to host an open house after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

About ZVRS and Purple Communications

ZP Better Together, LLC (ZP), divisions of ZP Better Together, LLC are communications solution-makers dedicated to delivering the highest-quality and most innovative communication services to meet the unique needs of each Deaf and hard-of-hearing individual. Our commitment extends across hardware, software, and in-person solutions within these four areas of service: Video Relay Service (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART), and On-Site Interpreting. These four pillars of service are the foundation of our commitment to the belief that every conversation matters. Whether it is at home, on the go, at school, or in the workplace, our mission is to grow and bridge two worlds with innovative, accessible communication solutions, creating more opportunities in our Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

About Ascentris

Ascentris is a real estate private equity firm based in Denver, Colorado. With over $2.1 billion in assets under management, Ascentris manages a series of fully discretionary institutional vehicles targeting both core and value-add investments across the major property types and geographic regions within the United States. Since 2003, Ascentris’ management team has relied on an investment philosophy and organizational structure that results in its investors getting to opportunities ahead of the market while receiving an unmatched level of service, transparency and accountability. Ascentris is a privately held and management-owned SEC registered investment adviser that maintains an unwavering commitment to put its investors’ needs first.

About Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company today employs approximately 4,400 people in 40 area administrative offices in the United States and Europe. Our cumulative development volume currently exceeds $11.5 billion in commercial properties, and our development efforts have produced over 120 million square feet of commercial space. Lincoln’s commercial developments have been widely recognized as landmarks in their communities for their design, quality, and superior locations. Lincoln currently manages more than 124.5 million square feet of commercial property and 128.8 million square feet of residential property nationwide at a combined value of more than $26.5 billion.

About NOVO Construction

In response to the growth and demands of our West Coast clientele, NOVO began operations in Austin in 2012. In this market, we are called upon to manage fast-paced, high-end construction mainly in the technology, investment, and life-science sectors. As a Boutique GC, we are selective with the work we target so that each project we take on gets the attention and staff required for execution at the highest level. Our mission has always been to build long-term relationships with loyal customers. Our goal is to create success through our commitment to innovation, the strength of our team, and dedication to our customers. Due to this, we are fortunate to have repeat clients, accounting for 85% of our client base. At NOVO, we build rock solid relationships.

About Sixthriver

A small group of design professionals wanting to provide a different kind of design partnership founded Sixthriver in Austin, Texas in 1994. Our team then, as we are now, is comprised of award-winning design specialists who know and understand our city’s culture to its deepest extent. As our city has evolved, so has our firm. From just a few local projects, our project storyboard has grown to include over 25 million square feet of design projects ranging from local commercial off ice spaces to ground up multi-use buildings to large scale student housing projects across the nation. Our firm designs original environments where our clients can conduct business and affect their industry and community. Our creative process is firmly rooted in the ideal that great design solves a basic problem in a handcrafted and elegant way. We are committed to the future and the persistent pursuit of new thoughts and ideas and we hold steadfast to our vision and values to take us there.

About Stream Realty Partners

Stream Realty Partners (Stream) is one of the fastest-growing full-service commercial real estate companies in the nation, with over 250 million square feet of office, industrial, retail, and healthcare assignments, resulting in over $3.6 billion in real estate transactions annually. Founded in 1996, Stream has grown from its two original partners to a staff of over 900 real estate professionals that share one common goal: to provide an unequaled level of service to our clients. At Stream, we realize that our success begins and ends with our people. As a result, we work hard to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. These high-caliber professionals come together to create a distinct culture that is best summarized by our firm’s values: smart, honest, nice, and passionate.

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