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Today LPWAN devices rely on chips created by a single manufacturer; both inflating the price of the technology and creating a single point of failure for the entire LPWAN infrastructure. The MXC Foundation, recently in the news for its integrated partnerships with the Chinese government in Shanghai as well as, are partnering with ASE to build an open-source LPWAN system-in-package (SiP) to break open and decentralize the entire LPWAN Global sector.

The ground-breaking new MXC chip will include a Keystore for native blockchain integration and ASE AI Engine; making it possible for sensors to auto-analyze data before sending the results wirelessly to the cloud. The MXC Chip will be developed under Open Source enabling companies to create LPWAN compatible systems without fully relying on any single supplier, drastically increasing the potential of LPWAN networks across the globe.

“System-In-Packages are used to power modern technologies such as smartwatches and mobile phones such as the Apple iPhone,” said Sheen Hu, CEO at MXC. “MXC’s open-source chip with an integrated AI has the potential to lay the foundation for an entirely new generation of smart devices.”

Current solutions require audio and visual data must be transmitted to a server or cloud service for analysis. This is inefficient, and limits companies wishing to use audio and video sensors via established expensive, power-hungry solutions such as LTE, 5G or even Wi-Fi. With the embedded AI Engine, sensors using the MXC chip will analyze audio and video directly in the sensor before wirelessly transmitting the results. This massively decreases the file size, making it possible for the data to be transmitted over LPWAN.

“As the leader in System-in-Package technology, ASE has been augmenting our design and manufacturing services by building a SiP ecosystem with partners across the entire supply chain,” said C. P. Hung, Vice President, Corporate R&D, ASE Group.

During the partnership, MXC will work together with ASE to develop the revolutionary technology to ensure LPWAN sensors will automate the data they both collect and forward to clouds. This will increase their AI expertise within LPWAN sensors and encourage more Blockchain sensor integration and reliability across the entire process. The construction and development process is planned into two phases. In 2019 the MXC open-source SiP Chip will be used in MXC’s deployment of LPWAN technologies in Shanghai. After the controlled deployment, the MXC Chip is expected to reach the public market in early 2020.


The MXC Foundation is a purpose-built Blockchain Foundation, based in Berlin. Its mission is to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN and Blockchain technology. MXC is currently working on projects in New York City, South Korea, and Shanghai.

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