WebNIC Rebate Program Helps Businesses Impacted Economically by COVID-19 Restrictions Utilize OV and EV SSL/TLS Certificates

WebNIC launches DigiCert OV and EV multi-year SSL/TLS certificates rebate program for resellers and businesses.

Bugis, Singapore, June 20, 2020 –(PR.com)– WebNIC, Southeast Asia’s established 1-stop web solutions provider, has launched a rebate program for DigiCert OV and EV multi-year TLS certificates, which adhere to the industry’s top standard for identity vetting and user protection. The program is expected to benefit many of its worldwide partners, as well as many businesses in need of TLS certificates, which have been impacted negatively by Covid-19.

WebNIC has been in the web service industry of supplying domain registration services to a global network of 5,000+ domain resellers for more than 20 years. It entered the TLS industry in the year 2014, when Google announced the groundbreaking change of HTTPS as a ranking signal to its search engine. Since then, WebNIC has slowly and steadily built up a strong reputation as Southeast Asia’s leading TLS wholesale service provider, with more than 6 years of experience in the industry.

WebNIC states that its mission is to help their partners to accelerate the growth of their web service business through high-value propositions. Therefore, it has launched a rebate program for all DigiCert OV and EV multi-year TLS certificates, which is one of the many initiatives WebNIC takes to carry out its mission. It believes that the program will prove to be beneficial to its large network of partners, as a way for them to maintain optimum security on their websites, while helping them to better manage and improve their business expenditure, which in turn helps their business. It also states that the program will be beneficial for businesses which are looking for the industry leading TLS certificates, but whose budgets have been impacted by Covid-19.

If you are a partner of WebNIC or a business in the market for TLS certificates, WebNIC encourages you to learn more about its rebate program.

About WebNIC
WebNIC is an accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. The company is committed to delivering quality and reliable domain wholesale service and web security service. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, we serve 5,000 active resellers over 70 countries. WebNIC’s Premier Partner Program has enabled our partners to enjoy a streamlined reseller experience while accelerating business growth. To join us and become a reseller, please visit https://www.webnic.cc/ for more information and live chat with us or email us at inquiry@webnic.cc.

Published at Sat, 20 Jun 2020 07:00:00 +0000