WasteTrakr Cannabis Clients Divert Nearly Three Tons of Waste to Recycling in 2019

Cannabis company focuses on helping clients meet sustainability and State recycle goals with a SaaS solution for compliance.

Danville, CA, February 17, 2020 –(PR.com)– WasteTrakr Clients Recycle Three Tons of Organic Waste.

WasteTrakr is pleased to announce that in an abbreviated 2019, the WasteTrakr SaaS reporting software recorded nearly three tons of cannabis waste that had been diverted from the landfills and redirected to certified organic waste recycling facilities. In just the first six months of operation, WasteTrakr software calculated the carbon footprint savings to be 2.38 metric tons, which is the equivalent of removing two cars from the road for a year.

Steve Peterson, COO of WasteTrakr Technologies, stated: “We are very excited to have such a profound impact on our environment in such a very short term period in our history as a company. Our objective at WasteTrakr is to help the cannabis industry meet goals for sustainability, as well as reduce the amount of waste filling our landfills. We appreciate the efforts of agencies that have mandated a 75% organic recycling rate. By tracking cannabis waste through transportation to disposal or the recycle site, the WasteTrakr software is an excellent platform to help reduce the amount of cannabis reaching the black markets, which is still significantly impacting the licensed cannabis industry.”

The global marijuana market by the end of 2025 is expected to reach over $60 billion. Businesses that invest in sustainability will enhance their brand value while adopting a greener future. Cannabis businesses have an opportunity to make a difference as the industry evolves.

About WasteTrakr
WasteTrakr Technologies Inc. has partnered with leading waste and recycling companies to provide full transparency in the management of cannabis and hemp waste. The WasteTrakr platform helps client’s manage the waste, arrange for qualified hauling and provide evidence of proper disposal or recycling. The data is available to local government agencies through the WasteTrakr portal to ensure compliance with local and state ordinances.

Media Enquiries: Email to Steve.Peterson@WasteTrakr.com

Published at Mon, 17 Feb 2020 08:00:00 +0000