VOS Digital Media Group and EVNTL Artificial Intelligence Collaborate on Leading B2B / B2C AI-Powered Media Technology to Accelerate Revenue

VOS and EVNTL to Integrate Advanced AI in Breaking News, Sports, Finance, Natural Disaster Awareness and E-Commerce Applications

VOS Digital Media Group and EVNTL Artificial Intelligence Collaborate on Leading B2B / B2C AI-Powered Media Technology to Accelerate Revenue

New York, NY, April 08, 2020 –(PR.com)– VOS Digital Media Group, Inc., a technology media company, and EVNTL, a leading-edge artificial intelligence technology company, today announced that they have entered into agreement to integrate a significant new version of AI-based technology to provide real-time breaking news events and critical information in news, sports, finance, music, wellness and healthcare.

Under the direction of VOS CTO Julio Hernandez-Miyares, former CTO of Televisa Digital and CTO of AOL Entertainment & Games, in collaboration with Alex Zivkovic, CTO of EVNTL, real-time verified breaking news is being integrated with VOS’ B2B2C personalized consumer app white-labeled for global telco and media companies. This will directly integrate with the VOS digital video exchange platform that seamlessly ingests content at scale, metatags, geofences and distributes short-form video content in multiple languages, in geo-specific markets and across multiple verticals that include breaking news, sports, e-gaming, finance, health, music, and entertainment.

VOS and EVNTL’s AI collaboration will provide enhanced solutions utilized by subscribers, telcos and media partners, increased engagement for better personalized user experiences, hyper-targeted digital audiences for increased ad server marketing and sales with the ability to target relevant e-commerce sales locally, regionally, nationally and globally. VOS will be introducing a new disaster awareness consumer app partnered with telcos to provide breaking news, access to relevant medical experts, first responder access to include advisories on the Coronavirus Pandemic, fires, earthquakes and real-time access to all other disaster and medical awareness advisories.

“I am extremely pleased to announce that VOS and EVNTL have collaborated to launch cutting-edge AI built to integrate with the VOS technology and media platforms,” stated Paul Feller, Chairman & CEO of VOS Digital Media Group. “VOS has developed custom media technology solutions for global telco partners and media companies. AI intersects with VOS’s media, advertising, e-commerce, and breaking news products to better personalize the user experience, telco partnerships and overall ROI. EVNTL provides best-in-market machine learning, and data modeling resulting in real-time targeted and timely content.”

“EVNTL AI technology enables real-time detection of anomalies in the realm of social media,” stated Alex Zivkovic CTO and Co-Founder of EVENTL. “This is achieved by having differentiating technology that can interpret real-meaning behind written words. By using state of the art models that have been developed over years of research and development, Evntl technology can correlate seemingly unrelated information and uncover trends faster and more accurately than previously thought possible. The partnership between VOS and EVNTL will enable discovery of relevant, personalized content for wide-ranging topics, in multiple languages, for audiences around the world.”

About VOS Digital Media Group
VOS is a global digital video exchange and technology platform providing a seamless process for bringing together content creators and media companies. We specialize in providing and maintaining content sales and sourcing scalability, reducing labor and editorial costs, eliminating errors in metadata assignment and extraction, and drastically decreasing the time to market for both video creators and buyers. https://www.vosdmg.com

EVNTL provides leading edge technology to industries where competitive advantage is measured in seconds. Our innovative AI technology platform ensures that relevant and actionable information is delivered to key individuals in real-time. http://evntl.co

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 14:16:00 +0000