The New Waggl Engagement (WE) Solution Inspires Employees and Empowers…

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The WE Solution crowdsources employee feedback to improve engagement and business outcomes.

“Employee Voice is the most agile way to keep people engaged, connected, and informed, by including them in authentic dialogue and inviting them to help co-create the future,” said Michael Papay, Co-founder and CEO, Waggl.

Waggl today introduced the Waggl Engagement (WE) Solution, a robust, agile Employee Voice platform designed to inspire employees and empower leaders. The WE Solution is a critical component of the essential productivity suite for all workplaces, remote or in-person, as they start to re-emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

The WE Solution utilizes Employee Voice to crowdsource real-time insight and drive faster action and alignment around critical business topics. Based on a modern pulse survey platform that enables a shared dialogue around critical questions, the WE Solution enables rapid sharing of results and speed to action. Waggl asks simple question types in a lightweight anonymous pulse. The participant experience is intuitive and game-like, and encourages authentic responses to important questions. By surfacing and prioritizing insights, ideas, and information, the WE Solution helps organizations maintain connection and reinforce a sense of community, and enables teams to align on action.

“For the past few months, remote work and interrupted workflows have presented steep challenges to how organizations keep employees engaged and productive,” said Michael Papay, Co-founder and CEO, Waggl. “As organizations start to re-emerge from this crisis, many leaders are looking for ways to help their workforce return to productivity and a sense of normalcy. Employee Voice is the most agile way to keep people engaged, connected, and informed, by including them in authentic dialogue and inviting them to help co-create the future.”

The WE Solution is based on a proven cycle of inquiry, dialogue and team-derived action that encourages shared ownership and built-in accountability. Waggl’s advanced technology platform is supported by a set of proven work processes, partnership resources, and a question model with three starter modules of simple, validated question sets around key organizational drivers:

  • Putting People First During COVID-19. Purpose-built to help leaders learn what their people need to move forward in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, this module includes: Free use of Waggl for 90 days with 3 pre-loaded question sets, a complimentary 15-minute onboarding call, and a comprehensive ‘Getting Started with Waggl” guide.
  • Process Shredder. Created to help enterprise organizations simplify work and engage with purpose, this module utilizes Employee Voice to create alignment and fast action on solutions to streamline how work gets done.
  • Executive Search. Solicits authentic feedback from staff about the traits they believe new leaders should possess. Generates strong alignment and genuine enthusiasm around new executive hires.

Waggl’s Engagement Solution is far more agile than traditional surveys, and has demonstrated superior employee engagement and speed to action for hundreds of organizations. “Before Waggl, our engagement results were getting better, but we still had issues that were pronounced and clear in regards to the efficiencies of our operations and the efficacy of our management,” said Dru Fearing, Vice President of Talent Management, Freddie Mac. “With Waggl, we’re asking simple questions and quickly getting answers we can use and take action on.”

In tandem with the launch of the WE Solution, Waggl has launched a brand new website that delineates a strong differentiated value proposition and offers a plethora of inspiring new resources for teams and leaders interested in Employee Voice. To learn more about Waggl, please visit

About Waggl

For HR leaders who need to measure, and truly improve engagement, Waggl is an Employee Voice platform that crowdsources real-time insight to drive faster action and alignment around critical business topics. Inspired by the waggle dance honey bees do to communicate vital information, Waggl believes every voice matters. Unlike heavy surveys or basic pulse tools, Waggl is a dialogue-first approach to engagement that creates shared ownership through inclusive team-based action planning.

With a seasoned Executive Team and premiere customers including Freddie Mac, Paychex, Heineken, 3M, Mastercard, UCSF Medical Center, McGraw Hill, Taylor Morrison and Parsons, Waggl partners with leading enterprises to harness the collective intelligence of their people. For more information and an expanded customer list, please visit

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Published at Thu, 04 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0000