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The Netherlands is home to ninja innovators across sectors — entrepreneurs and creative thinkers that are solving some of the world’s toughest challenges. As one of CTA’s International Innovation Champions, we’re thrilled to welcome them back to CES to share their ideas with a global audience.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands today announced the 80+ delegation of startups and scale-ups that will take part January 11 – 14 in the Netherlands Pavilion at the all-digital CES 2021, the global stage for innovation. For the fifth consecutive year, the Netherlands will showcase its tech solutions aimed at solving global challenges. Preview the CES 2021 Netherlands delegation here.

“The Netherlands is home to ninja innovators across sectors — entrepreneurs and creative thinkers that are solving some of the world’s toughest challenges,” said Gary Shapiro, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® president and CEO. “As one of CTA’s International Innovation Champions, we’re thrilled to welcome them back to CES to share their ideas with a global audience.”

The Dutch technology solutions on display this year at CES 2021 include:

Advanced Materials

  • Eurekite: Materials for the products of tomorrow, including Flexiramics®, a flexible, ceramic, fiber-based technology.
  • IME Medical Electrospinning: Revolutionizing medical devices using nanotechnology that helps the body to heal itself.
  • MantiSpectra: The power of NIR (near infrared) spectroscopy on-a-chip: we produce spectral sensors capable of understanding the composition of materials using just light.
  • Simbeyond: Accelerates development of advanced materials and high-tech devices such as OLED displays with high-performance simulation software.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Quantum Computing

  • Amberscript: Provides transcription and subtitling services powered by automatic speech-to-text engines with the highest accuracy in the market.
  • Braincreators: Delivers digital inspectors for the construction, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors that automate repetitive tasks so you can scale your business more effectively and cost-efficiently.
  • Delft Circuits: Hardware for quantum engineers.
  • Experience Data: Humanized AI solutions for better operational decision making by experts.
  • AI-generated human models for eCommerce fashion and apparel webshops.
  • Orange Quantum Systems: Helps R&D labs accelerate their research into quantum computing.
  • Qblox: Pushing quantum technology to support scientists and institutions worldwide with scalable, low-latency qubit control equipment.
  • Quantum Delta: a fully functional national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, for highly talented professionals to bring quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum sensors to the market.
  • Quantum Inspire: The multi-hardware quantum technology platform.
  • RetinaScope: Ophthalmological solutions for screening and telemedicine in combination with AI and big data.
  • RosemanLabs: Creates new data business models that transform how organizations handle sensitive data, with unprecedented compliance, privacy and rapid deployment.
  • Semiotic Labs: Eliminate unplanned downtime and energy waste at industry leaders worldwide.

Energy/Power and Climate Change

  • Carbyon: Helps to reverse climate change through a uniquely efficient carbon dioxide removal technology.
  • Carver: A 100% electric-powered urban vehicle.
  • Incooling: Cooling down the planet, one server at a time.
  • ISISpace Group: Global emission monitoring from space.
  • Leyden Jar Technologies: Boosting battery energy by more than 70% with pure silicon anodes for consumer electronics, electric vehicles and residential energy storage.
  • Lightyear: World’s first ultra-energy efficient, long-range solar powered, electric car.
  • Micro Turbine Technology: Accelerating the energy transition for historical buildings.
  • Squad Mobility: An affordable, solar-electric two-seater urban vehicle.
  • Skoon Energy: Clean Energy on Demand: making mobile energy clean, accessible and affordable with our SaaS-Enabled Marketplace.
  • SoundEnergy: Converts waste heat into usable cooling via soundwaves.
  • Urban Mobility Systems: Develops and manufactures BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and electrification systems for construction equipment enabling zero-emission transport and construction.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Blockchain-powered Domain Automation Network that makes unused domains accessible for all.
  • Dimenco: Simulated Reality – interacting with 3D objects in a virtual environment, without the need of any wearables.
  • DeltaProto: Builders of the best pick-and-place cobot (collaborative robot) for proto PCB assembly in the world.
  • Expivi: Interactive 3D and AR for personalized e-commerce.
  • Quant Base: Software tooling to visualize, analyze and communicate data.
  • Tapp: 100% recyclable smart paper embedded with added intelligence (microchips, sensors, printed circuits and printed batteries) that measures, remembers and transmits temperature data throughout the entire supply chain by simply holding a smartphone next to it — with no additional hardware or apps required.
  • WeHardware: Provides hardware CTO services for product realization and supply chain management.

Robotics and Future of Work

  • DialogueTrainer: An online platform for communication skills training.
  • Knowtice: Helps build resilient organizations; the first automated, self-service and most user-friendly solution ever for (e)valuating the knowledge capital of organizations.
  • Meeting Select: The global meeting management platform to book all-sized meetings real-time worldwide.
  • SenseGlove: Develops force and haptic feedback gloves that enable professionals to feel and interact with virtual objects for VR training and research purposes.
  • SwipeGuide: Eliminates useless instructions and delivers the most intuitive way to standardize work in the manufacturing industry.

Digital Health and Wellness Technologies

  • Absolute Audio Labs: Powering high-definition audio hearing aids.
  • AlphaBeats: An app that turns your smartphone or wearable device into a biosensor; AI-powered biofeedback signals enhance your favorite music — as you relax, music fidelity increases.
  • Breath In Balanz: A unique breathing, coaching and feedback system that improves or restores your breathing pattern using the BreathBalanz app, sensor and belt.
  • Clementine: The most user-friendly and effective awareness solutions for hearing care.
  • CRDL: An interactive ‘instrument’ that enables a new form of non-verbal communication for those with dementia, autism or learning disabilities.
  • Delta Diagnostics: The optical biosensing company that uses its novel photonic chip technology to enable fast and inexpensive development of new diagnostic tests.
  • ECG-Excellence: Changing the landscape of noninvasive cardiac diagnostics (again).
  • Hable One: Accessible computer interfaces for the blind and visually impaired.
  • LipoCoat: Bio-inspired coatings for infection control of medical devices
  • Neurocast: True passive patient monitoring.
  • Surfix: Photonic biosensor for detecting COVID-19 antibodies.
  • TNO Holst Centre: Flexible electronics innovations to respond to the global societal challenges of tomorrow.
  • Tover: Evidence-based game-system that improves the quality of life of dementia patients.

Cybersecurity and Resilience

  • DEN Smart Home: Turn your house into a smart home with our locking system. Connect DEN to your smartphone to unlock your door remotely. Safety with ease, everywhere.
  • Didux: We protect your privacy with blockchain technology.
  • Dynaxion: Identifies explosives and drugs in parcels and suitcases. For a safer and healthier world.
  • Oddity: First company to develop a commercial violence recognition algorithm using advanced deep learning techniques.
  • OPNT: OPNT’s Timing-as-a-Service delivers subnanosecond secured timing as a reliable alternative for GPS signals.
  • Pandora Intelligence: Advanced data analytics to predict future behavior.
  • X-SYSTEMS: High assurance secure mobile IoT for governments (defense departments) and large enterprises; delivers secure mobile and IoT solutions to protect critical information and communication on end-points and throughout the end-to-end process.

Smart Cities and Smart Mobility

  • AurAir: Practical solutions for indoor air quality monitoring.
  • CASTODIAN: A one-of-a-kind, intelligent, multi-sensor device for motorcycle helmets that provides motorcyclists with unparalleled, life-saving information, insights and advice.                    
  • Citybeacon: Telco-grade intelligent infrastructure that transforms cities into hyperconnected, data-driven environments that enable cities, citizens and IoT devices to deliver relevant experiences, services and functions in beautiful form factors.
  • CopSonic: Contactless communication technology achieved through microphones and speakers that allows highly secure communication and interaction between two smartphones via sound waves — with no internet connection required.
  • EDGE Next: Uses data to make smarter, healthier and more sustainable buildings.
  • Hardt Hyperloop: A world where distance does not matter — a 10,000 kilometer hyperloop network crossing national borders.
  • PAL-V: The world’s first commercial flying car, PAL-V Liberty is on the forefront of future mobility by using existing regulations and infrastructure.
  • TRIBUS: Makers of Movitas, the highly agile and efficient, zero-emission city bus of the future.
  • VTEC Lasers & Sensors: Technology and products for creating, transporting, bundling and analyzing data.
  • Ximedes: We help our customers to develop their ideas into software, to stay ahead of their competition.

Sustainability and Circularity

  • Aectual: The easy-to-use 3D print design-to-delivery platform that enables rapid, high-quality customized production of 3D printed architectural products at industrial scale; Faster, circular, 50% more affordable and 100% sustainable.
  • Bringing new insights to asset managers through data and AI.
  • Circularise: Using blockchain to drive supply chain transparency.
  • Closing the Loop: Pragmatic sustainability for IT.
  • D2D Water Solutions: Develop, produce and supply smart purification systems for water to use at home, in offices, schools or wherever clean water is needed.
  • Follow: Where transformation starts; a social network that makes sense.
  • Hydraloop Systems: Award-winning smart, decentralized, self-cleaning graywater recycling products for homes, office buildings, hotels, student housing, sports clubs and more.

5G Technologies, IoT/Sensors, Photonics and Nanotech

  • Aircision: Empowering the high-speed connected world.
  • An IoT platform that integrates any sensor-triggered device (i.e. alarm system) with CCTV and sends push notifications to your phone.
  • Hiber: IoT solution by satellite.
  • i4Things: Smart home made easy; removes the complexity of multiple, incompatible apps.
  • Morphotonics: Develops and sells roll-to-plate (R2P) OEM production technology for imprinting nano- or microstructures on extremely large area substrates.
  • Olisto: Making connected devices and digital services work together, following rules you set yourself.
  • Photon Delta: An ecosystem to accelerate integrated photonics solutions.

The Netherlands CES mission will kick-off on January 11, 2021 with a virtual round table with Silicon Valley Bank Executives and US-based Venture Capitalists. The Netherlands will engage its worldwide Innovation Attaché Network to help generate leads for the Dutch exhibitors at CES. A Netherlands CES Innovation RoadShow will make virtual stops at innovation hubs in Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, New Delhi, Istanbul, Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, London and Boston.

Contact to set up a meeting with the Netherlands companies for CES 2021. Access the press kit here.

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