Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication is Honored to Welcome Their Newest Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication is Honored to Welcome Their Newest Members

Farmingdale, NY, December 03, 2019 –(– Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is honored to welcome their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Natalie Ortiz – Energy/Wireless/Renovation
Tammy M. Brown – Author
C. Michell Gill – Religion
Michael A. Hallmon – Healthcare
Kathryn M. Hawes – Education
David M. Shaw – Lighting
Sammy Hassane Bouqfa – Education
Guy J. Chartrand – Transportation
Darnell N. Granderson – Telecommunications
Ella Woods – Business Service
Michelle Y. Shannon – Healthcare
Virginia Frost – Retail/Apparel
Carl L. Smith Jr. – Entertainment
J. Craig Lester – Real Estate
Cecilia Omoboye – Healthcare
Christopher D. Lundy – Transportation
Latoria S. Montgomery – Healthcare
Margie J. Bowen – Packaging
Rhonda C. Freeman – Healthcare
Jessica S. DelaCruz – Logistics Provider/Freight
Walter Bell – Consulting
Jeffrey B. Chervil – Finance
Francisco Jimenez Diaz – Healthcare
Sandra M. Dennis – Commercial Construction
Tom F. Roberts – Art
Tiffany K. Beaudry – Government
Gabriela I. Ramos – Entertainment
Joseph J. Hesketh III – Nonprofit
John A. Close – Power
Michael G. Pulse – Publishing
Summer M. Williams – Food Service
Donnie Williams – Transportation
Jason Huynh – Real Estate
Rebecca S. Woodmancy – Retail/Wood Crafting
Amor G. Saldana – Bail Bond Services
Grace Jasken – Medical Spa
Amy A. Foote – Education
Jordana A. Sager – Legal
Ashley Torres – Beauty
Karl R. Denton – Art
David T. Bohatch – Government
Diana J. Velasquez – Religion
Mellisa R. Lathion – Healthcare
Rick R. Valverde – Retail/Gas
Darrin Boatman – Nonprofit
Ellen J. Kalter – Telecommunications
Camela D. Mudd – Healthcare
Cindy L. Orr – Chemicals
Roshaundrea L. Simmons – Education
Carolina N. Anuforo – Nonprofit
Fabian Lopez – Real Estate
Kenneth J. DeLand – Government/Law Enforcement
Whitney McGowan-Derry – Automotive
Pearl E. Chiarenza – Nutrition
Elaine M. Sproch – Electronics
Roy E. Magee – Landscaping
Brenda Moseley-Longhofer – Religion
Moha Tabrizi – Retail/Rugs
Richard L. McCormick – Retail/Office Supplies
Cornel G. Batiste – Marketing
Robert Cherry – Education
Joseph L. Carney – Real Estate
Patrick T. Simpson – Massage
Bernadette H. Jones – Pharmaceutical
Isata Adama Beckett – Healthcare
Alyarda M. Anthony – Government
Belianis Ruiz – Telecommunications
Jaclyn N. Miller – Education
Gina M. McIver – Beauty
Franks K. Munene – Sports
Jeannette R. Delcambre – Healthcare
Jimmy L. Rice – Religion
Marcos R. Becari – Cleaning
S. Ayesha Ashley – Life Coaching
Renee A. Kohanim – Healthcare
Susan Dianne Berry – Medical
Toshea L. Powell-Benson – Staffing
Jon Mark Felt – Construction
Terri J. Bailey – Education
Auna Waller – Healthcare
Ashley R. Singh – Healthcare
Sherri S. Coston – Massage Therapy
Luis M. Blanco – Printing
James E. Michel – Retail/Home Improvement Supplies
Jeff K. Merriam – Security
Tammy M. White – Construction
Janice C. Thomas – Financial
Raul E. Hinojosa – Insurance
William Phelps Montgomery – Art
Guillermo I. Esquivel – Locksmith
BillieJean Jones – Sandpaper
Rhonda Lynn Rose – Real Estate
Jesse D. Mireles – Construction
Kapendra Prasad – Financial/Real Estate
Lesia Rena Lankford – Financial
Dawn R. Leidtke – Healthcare
John A. Gines – Transportation
Davon M. Wright – Education
Allen W. Edwards – Public Healthcare
LaWanda M. Cleary – Insurance
Moses Suah-Dennis – Religion
Michael Rosello – Information Technology
Dennis M. Kovatovich – Fire Protection
Susan E. Price – Education
Nikki H. Pough – Education
Howard J. Pitre – Spirits and Beverages
Joyce Rachael Ali – Healthcare
William James Trice – Property Management
Paul H. Levenson – Education/Religion
Susan Margaret Thomas – Education
Ronald Hyer – Genealogy
Nestor A. Suro-Rojas – Education
Dale N. Payne – Healthcare
Steven J. Pacheco – Defense
Georgina R. Howard – Healthcare
Delaram S. Brown – Legal
Alexandra C. Ebie – Event Planning
Daniel M. Wiatre – Education
Anel-Mary Gomez – Beauty/Spa
James G. Weber – Real Estate
Olga Polasek – Retail/Window Treatments
Clarence M. Crumpton – Government
Carmen A. Hall – Education
JoAnne J. O’Quinn – Insurance
Donald Hemberger Sr. – Wholesale/Produce
Tracy M. Tabaczynski – Human Services
Steven Aubrey Dimmick – Beauty
Shaina V. Caporoz – Publishing
Ira Cherry Jr. – Apparel
Charles I. Mitchell – Government
Ella Woods – Business Service
Angel “Seto” Soto – Pest Control
Günther J. Haidenthaller – Art
Wendy M. McMurray – Healthcare
Mildred P. Largoza – Healthcare
Carla M. Brantley – Education
Jen Tran – Real Estate
Thomas C. Hedrick – Government
Gertrudis Hernandez-Cohen – Education
Amy Bartling Jacobsen – Legal
Sharlene Seelal – Financial
Hodari J. McGavock – Education
Ricky G. Collins – E-Commerce
Michael A. Tompkins – Construction
Billy A. Lanzilotti – Politics
Joe R. Klutts – Oil and Gas

About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide highlights the professional lives of individuals from every significant field or industry including business, medicine, law, education, art, government and entertainment. Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is both an online and hard cover publication where we provide our members’ current and pertinent business information. It is also a biographical information source for thousands of researchers, journalists, librarians and executive search firms throughout the world. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive all of the networking, exposure and recognition capabilities to potentially increase their business.

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