SkyVPN Reassures Users of Data Security in the Aftermath of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The UK’s data protection watchdog, the ICO has recently imposed a fine of £500,000 on Facebook for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Following the breaking of this news, popular VPN service provider SkyVPN has reconfirmed its commitment to providing unbreachable data protection facility to its twenty million plus users around the world.

Sunnyvale, CA, November 07, 2019 –(– It was recently revealed that Facebook has agreed to pay a £500,000 fine imposed by the UK’s data protection watchdog for not taking enough measures to protect users’ information and sharing some data with London-based Cambridge Analytica. Unfortunately, breach of user data by the so-called industry heavyweights is nothing new. About a month ago, a former Yahoo! employer was found guilty of accessing private images and videos by hacking users’ accounts.

It can’t be denied that the advent of social media has made people’s lives better in so many ways. However, unfortunately, the price paid for enjoying these benefits may have probably gone too high because all social media platforms track every digital footprint of people’s lives and threaten their privacy.

At a time when protecting user data in the online space continues to become more and more challenging, VPN or Virtual Private Network has emerged as a silver lining for the users. A Virtual Private Network protects user data by encrypting all their internet traffic, making it impossible for their online activities to be inspected, manipulated and censored. It also allows users to remain anonymous and private when surfing the internet.

With over twenty million users all over the world, SkyVPN is currently one of the most preferred VPN service providers. Immediately after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company has released an official statement, reassuring all SkyVPN users that their data is safe and there is no need to worry at all.

“It is really shocking to hear how some of the biggest names in the industry are taking the privacy of the users for granted,” said a spokesperson from SkyVPN. “However, we can assure all our users that they are and will always be safe from all such infiltration efforts. At SkyVPN, we have built a network of collocated servers to make access to the internet absolutely secure and private. Moreover, unlike some other VPN service providers, we never keep any of your connection logs because we respect your privacy.”

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About SkyVPN: A top rated VPN service provider located in Sunnyvale, CA, SkyVPN currently serves over twenty million users across the globe. Regardless of user location, their service provides unlimited access to all sites, apps and content while protecting data, intercepting cookies, hiding the IP of the users and allowing the users to browse anonymously. SkyVPN never stores any user information, and is tailored to protect all online activities of the users.

Contact: Teresa Gao

Published at Thu, 07 Nov 2019 08:00:00 +0000