OmniFi Offers User-Friendly TRM System Integration with Automated Workflow Tools

SkySparc, an independent solutions provider, is empowering users of treasury and risk management (TRM) systems to create automated workflows through enhancements to OmniFi Access, offered as part of the latest version of OmniFi.

OmniFi Offers User-Friendly TRM System Integration with Automated Workflow Tools

Stockholm, Sweden, October 16, 2019 –(– With OmniFi 7.5, users can quickly and simply create automated workflows to and from their TRM system, by deploying SkySparc’s Web service API as an integration platform with the new generation of end-to-end process automation tools, such as Microsoft Flow.

Automation tools are increasingly being used to develop low-code environments in which business users can design and implement straight-through processes across multiple applications to reduce reliance on manual tasks, thus eliminating errors and gaining cost-efficiencies.

Marcus Gullers, head of product management, SkySparc, said: “Today, we are seeing the rapid development of low-risk, low-code, do-it-yourself environments in which business users can safely create seamless workflows. Clients are only taking the very first steps in this journey, so we’re delighted to support them with the enhanced functionality offered by OmniFi 7.5. In the coming years, we expect users of Wallstreet Suite and other TRM systems to explore these opportunities more deeply, for example quickly setting up new trade request processes, or developing automated approvals processes for complex transactions.”

SkySparc CEO Joakim Wiener, said: “Together with the fast-growing adoption of business intelligence applications like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, these new workflow automation tools offer treasury and finance professionals new opportunities to add value through insight, efficiency and cost reduction. This new release of OmniFi underlines SkySparc’s ongoing commitment to using the latest technology innovations to support clients’ business objectives.”

Published at Wed, 16 Oct 2019 13:16:02 +0000