Successful Certification of Fourth Accufix 7500 Loran-C Transmitter

Successful Certification of Fourth Accufix 7500 Loran-C Transmitter

In May, 2004 the fourth solid state Accufix 7500 transmitter was installed at the Loran station in Fallon, NV. The installed transmitter is a 16 Half-Cycle Generator (HCG) in size and is connected to a top loaded monopole (TLM) antenna. The transmitter features a number of improvements to include upgrades to the HCG drawer components that allow for doubling the output power, incorporation of surface mount technology in the manufacture of control logic boards, the use of the new Transmitter Control Subsystem (TCS) control console, and other component enhancements designed to improve serviceability and maintainability.

The new transmitter was installed in a period of a little over two weeks with an additional week for system acceptance testing and certification being conducted with representatives of the USCG Loran Support Unit. Megapulse personnel provided the station crew with hands-on training in systems operations and maintenance.

The next transmitter to be installed is a 16 HCG scheduled for September 2004 at the Loran station located in Searchlight, NV.

USCG Issues New Delivery Order for Loran-C Transmitters

fallon transmitterMegapulse recently received a new delivery order that was issued under the new solid state (SSX) Loran-C transmitter contract from the United States Coast Guard. The order is for the manufacture and installation of two Accufix 7500 16 Half Cycle Generators (HCG) transmitters. These transmitters will be installed at the Loran stations in Kodiak and St. Paul, Alaska. The order also provides for a complement of replacement spares for each site. Installation is scheduled for late summer and early fall in 2005. The issuance of this order brings the total number of transmitters under contract to eight. There are another six transmitters expected to be ordered over the next two year under the contract.

USCG Awards Contract for Loran-C Transmitter Replacement Electronic Components

In June, 2004Megapulse, Inc. was awarded a contract with a value of nearly $1M from the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).  The contract is for the supply of replacement electronic components for the solid state LORAN-C Transmitter (SSX). These items include a Pulse Amplitude Timing and Controls (PATCO) unit along with assorted circuit card assemblies, Megatron Assemblies, Megatron Charger Assemblies and Controller Power Supplies. These items are to be delivered to the USCG Electronic Logistics Center (ELC) in Baltimore, MD.

The USCG has also recently awarded Megapulse with several smaller contracts totaling nearly $45K for the procurement of replacement parts for the repair and retrofit of current components in the supply chain for the solid state LORAN-C Transmitter (SSX).  These parts are also to be delivered to ELC.