Muller & Bradley Raises $450 Million for Its Second Global Infrastructure Fund

Vienna, Austria, September 03, 2020 –(– Muller & Bradley, Investment Services, has raised $450 Million, eleven months after the fund’s first close in October 2019. “We are grateful for the support and trust from our partners and new investors,” said Thomas Bradley Co Founder CEO and Chief Account Manager at Muller & Bradley. “We are confident that our active approach to value creation, together with the long reach of the Muller & Bradley platform, will continue to deliver significant results for all our clients.”

Muller & Bradley invests in private infrastructure assets and companies with the potential of transformation into core infrastructure assets. Consistent with its predecessor funds, Muller & Bradley will continue to pursue opportunities that will benefit from operational efficiency improvements and value creation initiatives. The team’s focus sectors include Transportation, Logistics, Power Generation (including Renewable Generation), Natural Gas Infrastructure and Digital Infrastructure. “Private alternatives continue to be an area of focus for Muller & Bradley and our clients, and are pleased that Muller & Bradley’s differentiated approach has resonated strongly with investors,” said Davide Muller, Chief Executive Officer at Muller & Bradley.

Muller & Bradley Investment Services
Muller & Bradley, along with its investment advisory affiliates, strives to give outstanding long-term investment performance service and a comprehensive suite of investment management results to a diverse client base, which includes corporations, institutions, and individuals worldwide. “We take a unique approach at Muller & Bradley when managing money, which is different to most companies because of our heightened insight on minimizing risk and preserving capital. Although our goal is to outperform the market over a full market rotation, striving to do it with minimum risk,” said Christopher Anheuser, Head of Institutional Trading at Muller & Bradley. For further information about Muller & Bradley Investment Services, please visit

About Muller & Bradley
We are in the Center of Vienna, Austria. Our services include Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Risk Management. We have been in the financial services for over 20 years, treating all of our clients with the same courtesy whether it be corporate or individual clients. Here at Muller & Bradley we thrive on treating everyone with the same respect. Operating in a family enthused environment with a family outlook when dealing with our clients, making us unique in the financial world.

Published at Thu, 03 Sep 2020 07:00:00 +0000