Marketing Guru to Explain the 7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Must Do Now to Survive the Pandemic Economy – Creative Direct Marketing Group

CDMG is going to help explain “7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Must Do Now to Survive the Pandemic Economy.” On April 30, 2020 at 1 p.m. Easter Daylight Time, Craig Huey, 40-year industry veteran and marketing and advertising guru will be hosting a free event to show Presidents and Marketing Directors.

Marketing Guru to Explain the 7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Must Do Now to Survive the Pandemic Economy - Creative Direct Marketing Group

Nashville, TN, April 30, 2020 –(– The event is called Marketing and Advertising During the Historic Pandemic Crisis: “7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Should Do Immediately in this Economic Collapse” and is free to anyone who wishes to attend, but registration is required.

“This novel coronavirus has brought America its knees,” Craig Huey, President and CEO of Creative Direct Marketing Group, says. “Whether your business is in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer space, you must take immediate action to survive, profit, grow, and yes!… even dominate your market. What you do now will make all the difference when this historic pandemic depression is done. I know because I’ve helped guide companies to success and dominance through 5 recessions. And they can survive this latest one as well.”

Accompanied by the Pandemic Recession Marketing Action Guide, the event will give attendees answers to questions they are currently struggling with. These include:

· Should they cut their budget during the economic recession/depression?
· Should they do any kind of marketing or advertising at all? If so, what?
· How long will this depression last?
· What should they be doing in the days, weeks, and months ahead?

“Most companies are frozen with fear… paralyzed with confusion,” Huey says. “But, if they use the right strategies and tactics during this time of crisis, they will not only see their sales and profits restored… they could position themselves to dominate their market in the aftermath.”

Besides addressing front of mind concerns for attendees, Craig Huey will also provide details on:

· The economic collapse, what it means, and how long it will last from a marketing prospective
· 4 little-known, powerful lessons from past recessions
· 3 surprising scenarios for what could lie ahead in the coming months and how to prepare for all of them
· The #1 blunder most marketers will make during this pandemic depression (and how to easily avoid it)
· 7 recession proof tactics and strategies that your competition will overlook, but that will lead your company to dominate your market
· 3 ways to cut marketing and advertising costs without harm and what never to do when cutting your budget
· 5 overlooked techniques to mine your database for hidden profit
· How properly executed direct response copy can double or triple your response in the upcoming recovery: what to say and what not to
· The amazing secret companies have learned that enabled them to dominate their market after a recession (and even a depression)
· What every President and Marketing Director (in both the B2B and B2C space) must know about a V Curve, a U Curve, and an L Curve
· What to change in your marketing – now
· The dramatic crash in media cost and how to take advantage of it
· And the little-known, yet dramatic, increase in responses to certain types of marketing offers right now

Craig Huey is Publisher of the popular weekly email Direct Marketing Update and Founder and President of Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG, Inc.).

He is also a prolific author, with two of his most recent books being, “The New Integrated Multichannel Marketing: 29 Trends for Creating a Multichannel, Integrated Campaign to Boost Your Profits Now” and “23 Crowd Funding Secrets to Raising Capital (JOBS Act Marketing).”

He has appeared on several major networks and programs like Neil Cavuto, Varney & Co., Maria Bartiromo, Charles Payne and CSpan.

His co-host for the event is Caleb Huey, Vice President of Creative Strategy at CDMG. Caleb Huey is also an authority on equity crowd funding marketing and advertising strategies.

“At CDMG, we have learned how to navigate all the market trends. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve already tested over 10,000 variables. And our strategies and tactics have helped companies save money, save themselves, and actually reach a position of dominance in their market during the recovery. We know how to make companies successful… especially during severe economic downturns. And we welcome anyone who wants to attend the event on April 30, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.” -Caleb Huey, VP of Creative Direct Marketing Group

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