Israel Bar Associations’ Extradition and Internal Crimes Committee…

Attorney Sharon Nahari can take the credit for the proposal of the Extradition and International Crimes Committee. Mr. Nahari presented the idea to Chairman Attorney Avi Himi, who then launched it and has brought it to fruition. This committee will follow the mandate that other committees operate with work being performed at no charge. The committee will be the liaison between the elected officials of the Bar association, the senior executives and the rank and file attorneys as it pertains to the practice issues.

Attorney Sharon Nahari brings to the committee his experience and expertise as an attorney that has specialized in the two important areas of law being white-collar crime and overall criminal lawyer with a special interest in extradition and international crime. The law offices of Mr. Nahari has an outreach in countries such as the US and Asia as well as throughout Europe.

Added to Attorney Sharon Nahari’s credentials is his appointment as Israel’s representative, where he attended the DELF Forum special conference in this capacity. This Defense Extradition Lawyers Forum was held in London for the purposes of the discussion of the elimination of Interpol arrest warrants, and Red Notice alerts. Other important topics were discussed such as politics and international extradition connections.

Attorney Nahari has indicated that the forming of this new committee is a clear indicator of how important international and extradition laws governing Israel have been in the past. The participation between countries worldwide via collaboration has been successful in expanding enforcement collaborations on economic, technological and trade levels.

The state of Israel and International Treaties – Extradition Laws

The state of Israel is proud of its involvement in the international treaties on extradition laws that encompass conventions such as the Palmero Convention (Convention on Organized Crime) the UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Vienna Convention).

The international treaties also include the laws for various international crimes such as taxation, cyber-crimes — the laundering of money, and computer crimes.

The state of Israel is one of the UN member states, and as such works closely with the UN Police Intelligence Organization (Interpol).Beyond this is the State’s working relationship via bilateral treaties with other countries such as Australia, Thailand, the US and Canada and others for fighting crime.

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Published at Fri, 03 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0000