Inxeption Launches New and Improved Industrial Web Store

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“We believe the true potential of I-commerce is in fostering collaboration among all commerce partners on the platform,” says Dibachi.

Inxeption, the I-commerce pioneer, has launched a powerful new marketplace web store featuring its own platform offerings as well as spotlighting its commerce partners’ products and services. Inxeption’s platform combines the ease of online searching, shopping, and ordering, with the more sophisticated needs of business customers. Those needs include more cost-effective and simplified logistics options, new sales channel development and audience-finding, data analytics and other business service resources, and customer service integration.

“Our ability to integrate, analyze and manage all the data associated with a business is attracting customers from start-ups to large, complex enterprises, across a broad landscape of industries,” says Farzad Dibachi, co-founder and CEO of Inxeption. Since its founding in 2017, Inxeption has welcomed hundreds of customers to the platform and in the last 6 months it has seen it’s gross merchandise value “GMV” increase over 100% monthly. “Our customers are expanding their use of our platform features, and they are in turn encouraging their commerce partners to sign up to save money on logistics and get new insights into how to better work together.”

From heavy-duty trailer hitches to warehouse lighting and equipment and more, Inxeption customers are choosing Inxeption’s simplified, flat-rate Zippy Shipping option for parcel, freight and international shipping. Companies are also working with Inxeption’s team to create e-commerce web sites and Supercart’s, as well as implementing marketing tools to find new customers and move products that may be getting insufficient attention in current channels.

However, “We believe the true potential of I-commerce is in fostering collaboration among all commerce partners on the platform,” says Dibachi. Already, manufacturers, distributors, customers, logistics providers, and service providers represent a dynamic business community that can create its own online marketplaces. “Built on blockchain, our platform is highly secure, and enables tokenization, which our customers are using to create reward programs and to trade goods and services within the community.”

About Inxeption:

Inxeption is the first industrial commerce (I-commerce) platform that connects business buyers and sellers online. Inxeption uses blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure and reliable transactions, unlock exciting new sales channels, and enhance collaboration. Founder Farzad Dibachi has been recognized by Red Herring as a 2019 North America Top 100 Winner and by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as one of the visionary “Pros to Know.” The Inxeption industrial store can be found at

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Published at Tue, 04 Jun 2019 00:00:00 +0000