InSync Shows 5 Ways How Digital Transformation is Advancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Kolkata, India, April 12, 2020 –(– The coronavirus has brought about a total revolution in the world looks at life. From lifestyle to work, there has come 360 degree change in every aspect of life. It has forced businesses to undergo a digital transformation and move further ahead in the path of global digitization. Here is how digital transformation is advancing in the era of coronavirus and work-from-home norm:
1. All events taking place at a virtual platform:
The COVID-19 outbreak has forced all meet-ups and conferences across the world to be cancelled. Event organizers have taken up the events to online platforms. The biggest of conferences are being conducted and attended from the comfort of homes with the help of digital event-hosting sites.
2. Additional use of Blockchain:
Blockchain is one of the most important digital technologies available, which has seen a steep rise in use amidst the pandemic. It is a great time to leverage this technology to the advantage of businesses, be they start-ups or big enterprises. China and South Korean companies have already utilized the technology in apps developed to check using the facial recognition feature whether a person has come in contact with anyone who has been tested positive for the virus.
3. Increase in the usage of data:
With the whole world staying at home, almost all forms of communication have shifted to online platforms. Naturally, the pressure on internet channels have greatly shop up. Therefore, the capacity of the network also needs to increase to match up with the amount of usage required all over the world. Faster and more efficient ways need to be developed to ensure that there is no lagging in terms of progress. Such effectiveness is bound to fast-track digital transformation.
4. Increased use of social media and websites:
The global lockdown has increased the world’s dependence on online information and news dissemination, social media sites being one the most convenient of those channels. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. are making sure to keep their users updated with the latest information on COVID-19 through various ways like surveys, quizzes, etc. Google itself has collaborated with the White House towards creating a website that will make all COVID-19 related information available to the public.
5. Digital workplace:
The work-from-home norm has boosted the concept of digital workplace. Apart from a system and internet connection, this mode of working also requires sufficient engagement with the team to keep up both work and motivation. Video calling and video conferencing applications have scored big during this pandemic by becoming the go-to spots for organizations of every size. Even schools, colleges and other educational institutes have resorted to video conferencing platforms for regular online classes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has really taken the world by a toss. It is upon humans to make out the best or the worst of the challenge imposed upon us. The digitally empowered industries look promising even during these times as the stakes have gone high. Now it is time for the others too, to join in and come out through this corona crisis with flying colors.

Published at Sun, 12 Apr 2020 07:00:00 +0000