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“The Netherlands is a hotbed of groundbreaking technology and filled with ambitious entrepreneurs who will change society and the world as we know it,” said HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy to Techleap.nl and the Netherlands.

Techleap.nl, the Netherlands’ startup ecosystem accelerator, today announced the 50 Dutch startup companies who will take part in the Netherlands Tech Square January 7 – 10 at Sands Expo, Eureka Park, Hall G-51726 in Las Vegas at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

Dutch ingenuity has played a significant role in the world’s evolution over the past 500+ years, in large part because the Dutch are extremely good at finding smart solutions that address the world’s most challenging problems. The birthplace of WiFi, Bluetooth and LED technology, the Netherlands is a technology innovation leader in diverse sectors, and the participating Dutch startups at CES 2020 are no different. They focus heavily on the key sectors set to define future economies, including: sustainability, smart mobility, energy storage, energy solutions, clean energy, energy transition, smart cities, healthy living, consumer tech, AR/VR, audio and video, e-Commerce, AI, big data, blockchain, robotics, drones, sleeptech, medtech, healthtech, edtech and enterprise solutions.

“The Netherlands is a hotbed of groundbreaking technology and filled with ambitious entrepreneurs who will change society and the world as we know it,” said HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy to Techleap.nl and the Netherlands. “CES offers a fantastic opportunity for Dutch companies to engage with an international audience of investors, potential partners and new customers.”

With a population of just 17 million, 2019 has proven to be a record year in funding and startup output for the Netherlands. The country hit over $1 billion in investment for the first time and became the fastest growing startup region in the 2019 Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Report, helped by the successful exits of Adyen (a fintech company now valued at nearly $23 billion), Elastic(a search and data company currently valued at more than $6 billion), and new unicorn companies like GitLab. The Dutch government also made a €65 million fund available for startup and scale-up policies, and appointed six startup liaisons in six priority international metropolitan area hubs (San Francisco/Los Angeles, New York/Boston, Singapore, Berlin, Paris and London.

The 50 startup companies on display this year at CES 2020 include:

The Future of Energy Transition and e-Mobility

○    Incooling: The world’s first high pressure two-phase cooling system dedicated to cooling data centers.

○    Leyden Jar Technologies: Uses silicon anode technology to improve the storage capacity of Li-ion batteries by up to 50%.

○    Nowi: Using the energy all around us, Nowi is enabling devices to “live” forever.

○    Skoon Energy: Containerized energy storage for use on ships, at festivals, construction sites, electricity grids, etc., that can be applied to deliver peak power demand, or as a replacement of fossil-fuel-based energy sources.

○    Urban Mobility Systems: Cleantech mobility engineering in the field of electric transportation.

○    XYZ Dynamics: Hybridizes existing company vans in order to make these vehicles accessible in urban cities with the rise of zero-emission zones.

The Future of City Living

○    Hiber: A nano-satellite constellation in space that provides affordable and global connectivity for IoT devices using ultra low power modems.

○    Circularise: Blockchain‑based communication protocol to promote value chain transparency without public disclosure of datasets or supply chain partners.

○    Coolfinity: Refrigerator designed for use in countries with unreliable power, saving lives and preventing food waste.

○    Hydraloop Systems: Reduces overall water consumption with its smart, self-cleaning greywater recycling system.

○    Lightwell by Light Motion: Sustainable and tailor-made solutions (such as their customizable smart lampposts) for “smart cities”.

○    Meatable: Revolutionizing the meat industry’s impact on climate change by making 100% real meat without raising and slaughtering livestock utilizing proprietary “one cell tech”.

○    20tree.ai: Maps and monitors the quantity and quality of vegetation within cities to improve decision making for urban green spaces.

The Future of Consumer Technology Trends

○    AirBliss+: Develops the most comfortable, safe and smart anti-pollution mask for prolonged and daily usage.

○    DEN Smart Home: The smart lock of the future.Grant access from far away; with the smart lock of DEN you can open the door for someone — from every location — via your smartphone.

○    AurAir: Closely monitor both CO2 and humidity levels in every room with the new indoor air quality meter of AurAir.

○    i4Things: Makes Smart Home easy for mass-market customers by taking away the complexity of multiple, mutually incompatible, apps.

○    Heatbox: Self-heating lunch box that autonomously heats up your meals anytime, anywhere.

○    Fluidensity: A service provider of a full compliant Token Sale Platform based on blockchain technology.

○    PYOUR Audio: The only Smart Audio platform in the world that can offer all kinds of Smart Audio features in partnership with leading retail channels.

○    Didux: Customer identity verification through DIGID or another KYC solution provider, perfect for insurance companies, telecom providers or energy suppliers.

○    Th3rd: 3D scanning as a service, a simple solution to create a high volume of 3D digital twins of your products to use in e-commerce.

○    FaceCode: Skin therapy using smart technologies.

The Future of Life Sciences

○    Reducept: The first AR/VR game training designed to reduce pain, help manage chronic pain and educate patients on how pain originates.

○    Arenar: Arenar’s iBand+ is a smart EEG brain-sensing and health tracking headband for sleep enhancement and lucid dreams induction with various sensory techniques.

○    EatMyRide: Uses sports performance data and AI/ML algorithms to predict what, how much and when to eat nutrition, pre-, during and post-exercise for endurance athletes.

○    Elitac: BalanceBelt aids people with vestibular loss to eliminate the need for a wheelchair and be able to walk (again).

○    Envision: Giving sight to the visually impaired using AI; 2019 Google Play Accessibility Award winner.

○    Hyko: An all in one essential sleep product for families with kids.

○    i-Med Technology: Digital head-mounted loupe using the latest in high resolution near-to-eye micro-display technology to make surgery faster, less invasive and to reduce complications.

○    Microsure: Superhuman, robot assisted microsurgery.

○    MindAffect: EEG wearable that gives a voice to those who don’t have one through brain tracking and speech software.

○    NightWatch: Detects dangerous epileptic seizures during sleep.

○    Omnigen: Full personalization of consumer goods based on genetic profiles.

○    Propeaq: State of the art, sleep disorder-solving light therapy glasses trusted by 500+ Olympic athletes.

○    Plasmacure: Stimulates the healing of hard-to-heal wounds with its patented cold plasma solution called PLASOMA.

The Future of Enterprise and Education

○    DialogueTrainer: A platform for communication training – train professionals in important skills and roles, while measuring strengths and learning objectives.

○    Dimenco: Uses simulated reality to interact with 3D objects in a virtual environment without headwear or wearables (no glasses needed).

○    Knowtice: The first automated, self-service and user-friendly solution ever for (e)valuating knowledge capital of organizations.

○    Learned.io: Talent enablement solution helping professionals discover, learn and share new skills.

○    LoCoMoGo: A physical toy train that teaches kids how to program in a playful manner.

○    Bits of Stock: A brand loyalty and investment app creating a new currency for reward programs: fractional shares of stock. Get bits of stock when you shop with the brands you love.

○    Pandora Intelligence: Generates intelligence-based scenarios to help companies to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.

○    Braincreators: Facilitates the creation of high-quality structured datasets from any data source at scale for enterprises.

○    Scitodate: AI algorithms that track experiments and applications of scientific tools in scientific publications.

○    Watermelon: A Chatbot Management Platform that enables you to create your own digital colleague without needing to code.

○    SenseGlove: Allows users to interact naturally in AR and VR environments by “feeling” the virtual environment.

○    Morphotonics: Develops and sells unique roll-to-plate (R2P) production technology for imprinting nano- or microstructures on large area substrates.

Contact techleap@wearemgp.com to set up a meeting at CES, January 7 – 10, 2020. Access the press kit here.

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