ePluribus Launches Free App That Allows Americans to Rise Above Bots…

As Americans flock to beaches and campgrounds this 4th of July, our democracy is under attack from bots and foreign entities. Today, ePluribus announces the launch of a free app that allows Americans to contact their representatives at all levels of government, from Trump down to the local Superintendent of Public Instruction. ePluribus users can verify their identity as a constituent and send messages directly to the inbox of representatives. Each message is marked as “verified” or “unverified” to help real people with real concerns cut through the noise of bots, spammers, and lobbyists vying for legislators’ attention.

ePluribus was founded by Wisconsin brothers Aidan and Liam McCarty while attending Stanford. Their mission: to build a more secure, engaged and unified democracy. ePluribus gives Americans their voices back, stopping bots, lobbyists, spammers, and foreign agents from meddling in our politics.

Identity fraud is wreaking havoc on our democracy. Fake accounts on social media are fueling misinformation campaigns both foreign and domestic, making it easier than ever to meddle in our politics. Fake messages are flooding representatives and federal agencies, drowning out the opinions of real Americans. For example, the FCC received 21.7 million public comments about net neutrality in 2017, but Pew Research found that 94% of them were fake or duplicate. The Justice Department launched a criminal investigation into this last December.

ePluribus is powered by Unum ID, a state-of-the-art blockchain technology that provides identity verification to civic technology applications. Americans can download the ePluribus app free from Google or Apple app store and then use Unum ID to complete the verification process.

“Every American has the right to quick and easy access to their representatives – on all levels,” stated Aidan McCarty, Co-Founder. “And we want to encourage Americans to do more than just tweet. Send a message that cannot be ignored by verifying yourself as a constituent. Your representative’s job is to listen to you, not bots or lobbyists.“

ePluribus is also available as a free embeddable widget for any news or community site interested in allowing their members easy access to reach representatives straight from their websites.

“ePluribus is powered by Unum ID, which collects zero personal information and has no database. Each user’s data is stored on their device, giving them complete privacy and security. Americans can easily sign up for ePluribus and verify the information with Unum ID,” stated Liam McCarty, Co-founder, ePluribus. “The goal of ePluribus is help Americans who feel voiceless to take back their voice.”

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Published at Wed, 03 Jul 2019 00:00:00 +0000