Credio, Inc. Launches, a Privacy as a Service Platform

San Francisco, CA, September 24, 2019 –(– Credio Inc., a tech advisory firm, announced today the launch of, an innovative and cost-effective solution for enterprises of all sizes to comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

As most U.S. companies are aware, beginning January 1, 2020, organizations that collect information on California state residents will need to be able to handle consumer rights requests and transparency requirements under the new CCPA. At $7,500 fine per incident, CCPA has enabled consumers to take back control of their data. focuses on immediate compliance needs, while leaving plenty of room for growth. The platform helps fulfill consumer data requests in the mandated time frame and helps manage incoming consumer requests. ensures the initial investments made with CCPA or GDPR can serve as a foundation for future privacy laws passed by other states.

“ is the next step to automating data privacy process. Companies are not able to predict the volume of requests and we want to ensure CCPA is not a burden on their IT resources. is also our continued commitment to women in privacy movement.” – Raj Raghavan, CEO of Credio, Inc. helps companies prepare for CCPA compliance by maintaining a detailed inventory of their consumer personal data and providing a comprehensive consumer rights management workflow. This is done by keeping track of the data elements and categories, third parties to whom the data is sold, the purpose of data collection and other attributes. With many knowledgeable privacy experts behind the platform, can work with companies in various statges of CCPA readiness.

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About Credio Inc.
Credio, Inc., is a technology advisory firm, that helps clients increase customer adoption by making their digital transformation subtle and frictionless while using personal data responsibly and ensuring compliance with applicable privacy regulations. Credio, Inc.’s on-demand platform brings privacy and cybersecurity professionals to partner with clients in creating secure digital experiences. For more information visit

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