Check Your Cyber Resilience During October Cybersecurity Awareness Month

“Back to Basics” solutions to counter the email borne threat.

Check Your Cyber Resilience During October Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Melbourne, Australia, October 11, 2019 –(– October has now been accepted globally as the Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The month of October culminates in Halloween or All Hallows Day as it is known for many around the world, but equally as scary are the continuous cyber data breaches that occur on a very frequent basis.

The key objective of naming October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month is simply to raise awareness of the dangers of the public internet and to stay safe and secure across all online transactions.

Ingressum’s mantra of “Back to Basics” supports this annual initiative by focusing on an aspect of cyber security that impacts both consumers and businesses – small or large, and that is the humble email.

Email borne threats are considered by most, if not all, in the information technology industry as the most dangerous threat vector targeting both consumers and businesses.

Cyber criminals take advantage of the trust that consumers and corporates alike place in email communications, resulting in many of the reported corporate data breaches and consumer fraud cases, costing the global economy billions of dollars every year.

And the solution? According to Ingressum VP, Global Sales & Marketing, Constandinos Lokos, the solution is twofold – firstly, to undertake DMARC Compliance – implement basic technology to reject the fake emails that impersonate an organisation’s brand that target both employees and consumers such as email authentication controls of SPF, DKIM and DMARC, and secondly, CSAT – ongoing Cyber Security Awareness and Training of employees to identify and reject broader scam emails that still end up in their inbox. “DMARC Compliance is a proven method for rejecting fake emails and with CSAT, employees are trained to behave like human firewalls,” Constandinos said.

Ingressum supports the Cybersecurity Awareness Month by offering DMARC Compliance with a free subscription tier for low volume email users and CSAT free for the first 50 employees – allowing even the smallest organizations to increase their cyber resilience.

​About Ingressum Pty Ltd.: Ingressum is an innovative provider of cybercrime protection and intelligence services that proactively responds against online threats and reduces the risks posed by spear phishing, email domain spoofing, malware, and other cyber-attacks.

Published at Fri, 11 Oct 2019 07:00:00 +0000