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“Financial reports that used to take analysts and executives days to produce can now be completed in seconds using AX Semantics, saving significant resources in terms of man-hours and costs,” said Saim Rolf Alkan, CEO and founder of AX Semantics.

AX Semantics, an AI-powered, natural language generation (NLG) leader, today announced a new range of content generation software for the financial services and banking sector. Available in more than 110 languages, AX Semantics’ addresses the pain point of recurring financial reports, regulatory filings, executive summaries, and other written communication – all of which typically require massive amounts of financial data from disparate sources to be gathered, analyzed and translated into text customized for a broad range of audiences and languages. AX Semantics’ NLG software powered by AI automates these processes. It produces smartly-written narratives that read the same as if a human wrote them — automating tedious, resource-intensive tasks and allowing financial firms to access “new gold” by analyzing and understanding their customer and product data faster than their competitors.

Financial analysts, brokers, and executives face the demand to quickly update the content required by state and federal laws and regulations, such as details about investment plans, risk assessments, and financial filings — all of which must be updated regularly. AX Semantics’ NLG software enables finance employees to effortlessly turn mountains of data into real-time actionable written narratives, create reports, descriptions of terms and loans, draft regulatory filings, and documents detailing investments — all with minimal training — freeing up bandwidth for higher-value activities and responsibilities.

“Financial services companies now have a simple way not only to produce content but to also rapidly revise it when there has been an important development or a new regulation — saving significant resources in terms of man-hours and costs,” said Saim Rolf Alkan, CEO and founder of AX Semantics. “Financial reports that used to take analysts and executives days to produce can now be completed in seconds using AX Semantics.”

AX Semantics content generation features for finance include:

  • NLG output based on structured data: allows users to easily configure projects to any structure and import tools and formats including JSON, CSV and Excel, and API for integration into existing systems without the need for complex IT projects;
  • Topic and domain-independent technology: all types of text can be generated, not just a limited set of topics – in up to 110 different languages;
  • Real-time, multi-user capability and workflows: multiple people can work on a project at the same time, allowing scaled project sizes, while retaining the ability to test and deploy
  • Data protection and hybrid cloud availability: with certifiable processes and infrastructure that can be used for confidential information up to HIPAA/PHI level, and Sarbanes–Oxley/MARisk certifiable processes.

Mario Berger, risk advisory director at Deloitte, said the firm experienced an almost 80% reduction in time spent on projects like recurring reports by using content generation software. “In our estimation, projects in this environment are significantly more successful if parts or even the entire ‘path’ of the process is automated – i.e., data management, for example, using Natural Language Processing. We consider the fundamental potential to be very high.”

In the finance sector, AX Semantics currently works with Deloitte, Creditreform, Ebner Stolz and others – as well as more than 500 customers in sectors like media, pharmaceutical, e-Commerce, including Fortune 500 companies such as Porsche and Nivea.

AX Semantics offers a subscription-based service, with fees between $279 and $1699 per month for financial services companies and banks of all sizes. A managed service is also available on top of the self-service platform for new product development purposes and customers that don’t have qualified in-house resources. The software is 100% SaaS – everything is available via a web browser, with no programming or IT departments required. Self-service with integrated e-learning allows customers to start automating text within 48 hours, often less. Learn more at

About AX Semantics

AX Semantics is an AI-powered, natural language generation (NLG) software company built to address today’s biggest content generation challenges. Our sophisticated SaaS-based solution effortlessly creates vast quantities of content at scale – to populate an entire website, tackle time-intensive financial reporting and regulatory requirements filings, fill a news section with earnings reports, generate 1000s of product descriptions for e-commerce brands, produce social media content, create easy-to-read weather and news reports, and more. We make automated content generation – in more than 110 languages, in a manner of minutes – a reality for customers of all sizes within the e-commerce, business, finance and media publishing sectors.

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with an additional office in Sunnyvale, California, AX Semantics is a privately-held company backed by Airbridge Equity Partners. Follow us on social at Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, or learn more at

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Published at Tue, 10 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0000