Author, Philanthropist Offering No-Cost Webinars on Financial Advice Amid Coronavirus

Author Kelly Schols offers no-cost webinars to give people hope and financial guidance during chaos fueled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Author, Philanthropist Offering No-Cost Webinars on Financial Advice Amid Coronavirus

Mount Vernon, WA, April 10, 2020 –(– To help people deal with the financial impact of the coronavirus, Mount Vernon author and financial coach Kelly Schols is offering no-cost financial webinars April 7 and 9. The interactive webinars, called Money Mindset Makeover – From Panic to Planning, will provide the opportunity for participants to ask questions while learning ways to save money and make it through this economic crisis. Schols hopes to help attendees experience a sense of financial control amidst the chaos. He’ll also be giving away several copies of his book that reinforces his principles. “I often ask people, ‘When life happens, would you rather have a plan or be wondering what to do next?’ The webinar will focus on what we all can do next.”

Schols believes everyone can learn habits to improve their lives but recognizes today’s extenuating circumstances. “It’s one thing when you hit bottom, but it’s quite another when the bottom leaps up and slaps you in the face,” said Schols, commenting on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. “When we combine the effects of the coronavirus with the fact that 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, it’s easy to see how people end up on the streets. Financial preparedness is the name of the game.”

The webinars are designed to help any person who feels overwhelmed with their current financial situation. Schols has spent the last six years speaking to audiences across the country providing hope and inspiration on the topic of achieving what he calls ‘financial freedom.’ Schols is now sharing advice and insight during two no-cost webinars aimed at the general public.

Schols had a rough start. At 24, he was broke, an alcoholic, and had no direction. He learned a valuable lesson about taking help when offered, breaking bad habits, and forming good ones. Today, 30 years later, Schols is a multi-millionaire whose message couldn’t be more timely or relevant. In his new book, “Never by the Book: Overcome Obstacles to Build a Life of Wealth and Fulfillment,” Schols combines his riveting life story with hard-learned advice for getting through difficult times and thriving despite them.

It was his first mentor and boss who gave him a copy of “The Millionaire Next Door”; A book that would inspire a young Schols to work hard, amass ample savings, and to live well below his means. Schols hopes his book will provide similar inspiration to others. “Becoming financially free has served me well,” said Schols. “Now I teach others not only how to do it, but how to live it.”

After years of telling his story to audiences across the country, people kept asking Schols to write a book. “I thought about it for three years, then one day just sat down, and the whole thing poured out of me. From start to finish, it took a month and a half.” Schols shares the valleys and peaks of his life story, in a raw, relatable, and sometimes humorous manner. He leaves nothing out, including the details surrounding the traumatic and unexpected loss of his wife, Heather.

“If by sharing what I learned, whether in person, online or through my book, can help someone, then, I’ve achieved success,” said Schols. “My goal right now is to help people find hope.”

Information to access the webinar or to purchase “Never by the Book,” can be found by visiting

Published at Fri, 10 Apr 2020 07:00:00 +0000